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    Spiele Publisher

    Entwickler & Publisher. Dienstleistungen. öffentlicher Sektor. Bildungseinrichtungen. Weitere. Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. Mit der Nutzung unserer. Platz 3: Microsoft (7,25 Mrd. €). Unter dem Label von Microsoft Game Studios veröffentlich und vermarktet Microsoft eine Vielzahl von Games aus allen möglichen. Dezember , von hermosamexicanfoods.com​/diegroessten-game-publisher-weltweit/. Newzoo.

    Die Top 10 Unternehmen der Spieleindustrie

    Entwickler & Publisher. Dienstleistungen. öffentlicher Sektor. Bildungseinrichtungen. Weitere. Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies. Mit der Nutzung unserer. Der Begriff Publisher leitet sich von dem englischen Wort „to publish“ ab, was so viel bedeutet wie publizieren oder veröffentlichen. Dies verrät. Dezember , von hermosamexicanfoods.com​/diegroessten-game-publisher-weltweit/. Newzoo.

    Spiele Publisher Captain Bluff Video

    Mit diesen 10 Games machen Publisher richtig Geld

    Weitere Statistiken zum Thema. PNG speichern. Datenschutz Impressum. We strive to create memorable, beautiful, fun games that engage and delight gamers worldwide. We aim for games that capture the imaginations of all types of people, as our goal is to include, not exclude: experienced gamers, new gamers, solo gamers, partners, larger groups, people of all races, genders, creeds, cultures, nations, sexualities, and ages. Information about the board game publisher Feuerland Spiele. Eli - publisher Teacher's Area A dedicated Teacher's Area with access to downloadable answer keys, audio transcriptions, extra material, WebLAB, WebCLOUD and your free copy of Critical Thinking. Jam City is an award-winning entertainment company providing unique and deeply engaging mobile games that are played by tens of millions of people across the globe. This is a list of video game publisher companies. A video game publisher may specialize in only publishing games for developers, or may either have in-house development studios or own subsidiary development companies. Some developers may publish their games themselves. This list includes both active and inactive companies.
    Spiele Publisher United Kingdom. Rebelstar Raiders. After ranking in our top three a year ago, EA also saw a more than two-point drop in its average Metascore in thanks to a release slate Www Livescore Soccer included the publisher's first negatively reviewed game in years the feature-poor Rich Casino version of FIFA 20basically little more than a re-badge of FIFA California Pacific Computer Company. Karlsruhe, Germany. Prism Facebook Com Belépés Corporation. Subsidiaries include Runic Games and Cryptic Studios. You Don't Know Jack. Acquired by Hasbro Interactivename retired. Assets acquired by Warner Bros. Formerly had a publishing deal with Activision. Video game operations merged with Namco as Namco Bandai Games. Blacksad: Under the Skin.
    Spiele Publisher
    Spiele Publisher Acquired by Titus Software in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Minato, TokyoJapan.
    Spiele Publisher

    In past years, we divided publishers into two groups bigger and less big based on how many titles each one published. Because the cutoff was arbitrary, and publishers shifted from one group to another from year to year, we have decided to eliminate the groups this year and rank all publishers together in one big group.

    We have ranked these publishers in order from best overall game quality to worst, using a points-based system based on four factors:.

    Note that the Metascore average the first factor counts slightly more than the other factors. In addition, note that iOS games are not included in the figures below.

    The Italian game company, which publishes third-party titles for every platform, had a strong thanks to a steady stream of positively reviewed games and few misfires.

    Scored products are the number of products released last year with at least four reviews from professional critics which is the minimum needed to have a Metascore calculated ; iOS games are not included.

    Average Metascore is the average of all individual Metascores for all scored products in , while the Metascore distribution chart shows what percentage of those Metascores were green Metascore of , yellow or red To qualify as Great which earns the publisher 5 bonus points , a game must have a Metascore of at least 90 and have at least 7 critic reviews.

    It was the second straight strong year for the publicly traded gaming giant. After ranking first in our "mid-sized" category a year ago and the incongruity of having some of the industry's biggest companies labeled "mid-size publishers" is one reason we eliminated that distinction this year , Activision managed to increase its average Metascore by over two points, thanks to critically acclaimed releases like FromSoftware's Souls -like action-adventure title Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

    Of the publisher's four releases that didn't receive positive reviews, two came from its Blizzard subsidiary: a Switch port of Overwatch and a Hearthstone expansion.

    Nintendo boosted its average Metascore by nearly four points compared to last year's mark despite being one of the company's rare years without any releases scoring 90 or higher.

    In recent years, the Swedish strategy and management game specialist has ranked highly in our annual publisher lists, and was another strong year that saw Paradox's average Metascore increase by nearly 3 points.

    As always, Paradox's releases included numerous expansions to previously released games, but its best title was a new game: the 4X sci-fi title Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

    Many of Capcom's worst-reviewed titles were Switch ports of previously released games such as Devil May Cry 2 and Resident Evil 6.

    The three-year-old spinoff from arthouse film studio Annapurna Pictures specializes in indie games—and good ones.

    No publisher had a higher average Metascore in than Annapurna, with most of its releases scoring in the 80s including Outer Wilds and Telling Lies.

    Microsoft's performance is similar to that of its slate, with an average Metascore that is just 0. Renamed a year ago, Xbox Game Studios released only sequels and ports in , ranging from very good the Switch version of Ori and the Blind Forest to disappointingly by-the-numbers Crackdown 3.

    In addition to serving as an online games storefront, Humble has also operated its own publishing business for the past few years, handling distribution for a handful of titles from indie game studios.

    This is the first time Humble has qualified for our publisher rankings, and it's an auspicious start.

    As it has in many recent years, Square Enix released more products in than any other publisher—and it's not even close.

    And Square Enix also released one of the biggest duds of , Left Alive. The Texas-based publisher posted an average Metascore in the green range for the third consecutive year thanks to acclaimed releases like a new Switch version of Downwell , GORN , and Ape Out.

    After finishing near the bottom of our rankings a year ago, Focus improved quite a bit with its slate. Focus's top entry, A Plague Tale: Innocence , was its first product to score higher than 80 since Take-Two's average Metascore dropped by over two points compared to the prior year, hurt by awful reviews for its annual sports entry WWE 2K20 and disappointing ones for Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey from the publisher's new-ish Private Division label.

    Tencent dürfte nur Kennern ein Begriff sein. Der Online-Spielemarkt ist die Hauptursache für Tencents hohe Platzierung in diesem Ranking, da chinesische Online-Spieler mehr Geld für Spiele ausgeben und der dortige Markt nach wie vor sehr schnell wächst.

    Ähnlich wie Nintendo konzentriert sich auch Sony auf das Geschäft einer Spielekonsole Playstation mit dazugehörigen Spielen.

    Die Leistung der Konsole sowie die grafischen Eigenschaften sind mittlerweile zur Benchmark geworden, an denen sich andere Hersteller messen.

    Sony vereint unter seiner Dachmarke eine Menge Entwicklungsstudios, die u. Aus persönlichem Interesse setzt er sich weiterhin mit Finanzpolitischen Themen sowie detaillierten Analysen auseinander.

    Als privater Anleger mit mehr als zehn Jahren Erfahrung befasst er sich mit technischer Analyse und deren Zusammenhang im täglichen Marktgeschehen.

    Aardvark Software. Buchs, St. Gallen , Switzerland. Acquired by Electronic Arts in Absolute Entertainment. Brand name acquired by Acclaim Games , and intellectual property acquired by Throwback Entertainment.

    California , United States. Cambridge, England , UK. Rights sold to Superior Software in Acquired by GungHo Online Entertainment in Osaka, Japan.

    Santa Monica, California , United States. Call of Duty Guitar Hero Spyro. Acquired Neversoft in and Infinity Ward in ; acquired several other developers as well.

    Merged with Vivendi to form Activision Blizzard in Formed by merger between Activision and Vivendi Games in Milton Keynes, England , UK.

    Football Manager. Acquired by Prism Leisure Corporation in , which continued to use the Addictive Games label until Toronto , Ontario , Canada.

    Adventure International. Longwood, Florida , United States. Birmingham, England , UK. Agatsuma Entertainment. Grenoble, France. Acquired by Paradox Interactive in and renamed to Paradox France.

    They became independent in and their games are now published by The Slitherine Group. Sunnyvale, California , United States. Los Angeles, California , United States.

    Torrance, California , United States. Novosibirsk, Russia. Tournament of the Gods. Koto Battle: Tengai no Moribito.

    Ageo, Saitama , Japan. Acquired by Superior Software in Seattle, Washington , United States. Software publishing arm of Amazon. American Game Cartridges.

    Chandler, Arizona , United States. Albuquerque, New Mexico , United States. Acquired by its former division, Her Interactive , in American Video Entertainment.

    San Jose, California , United States. Wally Bear and the NO! Paris, France. Brentwood, Essex , UK. Worcester, Massachusetts , United States. Various Atari 8-bit games.

    Defunct in Marion, Ohio , United States. Software publishing arm of Antic. New York City , United States.

    Cupertino, California , United States. Costa Mesa, California , United States. Silver Surfer. Division of Mastertronic.

    Durham, North Carolina , United States. BlazBlue series Guilty Gear series. Published games through its Argus Press Software division, which was acquired in and renamed Grandslam Entertainment.

    Software publishing arm of Ariola Records. Reestablished as United Software in Brandesburton , UK. Scottsdale, Arizona , United States. Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

    The Legend of the Prophet and the Assassin. Gütersloh , Germany. The Patrician. Known as Ascom until Most assets acquired by Kalypso Media.

    Darien, Connecticut , United States. Asmik Corporation of America. Austin, Texas , United States. Specializes in porting Windows games to Mac OS.

    Mönchengladbach , Germany. Pong Breakout Asteroids Centipede. Bought by Warner Bros. Closed in , assets split between Atari Corporation and Atari Games.

    Founded as Tramel Technology, Ltd. Reverse-merged with JMS Inc. Milpitas, California , United States. Also published console games under the Tengen label.

    Dissolved in Sword Master. London, England , UK. Cops 'n' Robbers. Artech Digital Entertainment. Ottawa , Ontario , Canada. Mystery at the Museums.

    Acquired by Kadokawa Group Holdings in Shinjuku, Tokyo , Japan. Persona series Devil Survivor series. Attic Entertainment Software.

    Albstadt , Germany. Reading, Berkshire , UK. Auran Development. Helensvale , Queensland , Australia. SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.

    Portsmouth , Hampshire , England , UK. Deus Ex Machina. Renton, Washington , United States. Various text adventure games. Shinagawa, Tokyo , Japan.

    Video game operations merged with Namco as Namco Bandai Games. No longer publishes video games. Bandai Namco Entertainment. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja.

    Acquired by Namco Bandai Holdings. Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctors. San Diego, California , United States. Bergsala Lightweight.

    Berkeley, California , United States. You Don't Know Jack. Acquired by Sierra in Rockville, Maryland , United States. United Kingdom. Lords of Midnight.

    Van Nuys, California , United States. Gazzada Schianno , Italy. Düsseldorf, Germany. Acquired by Ubisoft and their games are now published by Ubisoft.

    Myst Prince of Persia. Acquired by Ubisoft , eventually sold to The Learning Company. Black Legend. Blizzard Entertainment.

    Irvine, California , United States. Acquired by Vivendi and become part of Vivendi Games group in Merged into Activision Blizzard in Blue Ribbon.

    Prague , Czech Republic. Paul, Minnesota , United States. Hollywood, California , United States. Jumper: Griffin's Story.

    Tonbridge, Kent , UK. Bellevue, Washington. Destiny Marathon Trilogy Abuse. Formerly a subsidiary of Microsoft.

    Formerly had a publishing deal with Activision. Taipei , Taiwan. California Dreams. Publishing label of Logical Design Works.

    California Pacific Computer Company. Davis, California , United States. Akalabeth: World of Doom.

    Chicago , Illinois. Miami, Florida , United States. William Shatner's TekWar. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. Cases Computer Simulations.

    The Witcher series. European Superleague. Bruchsal , Germany. Hialeah, Florida , United States. Hamburg, Germany. Memento Mori.

    Sniper Ghost Warrior. El Cajon, California , United States. Acquired by Tradewest in and renamed to Leland Corporation. Burlingame, California , United States.

    Defender of the Crown. Hasuda, Saitama , Japan. Los Gatos, California , United States. Various edutainment games. Atlanta, Georgia. Warwickshire , UK.

    Also a video game console ColecoVision and Telstar and video game developer. Revived in , after being defunct since Aurora, Illinois , United States.

    Commercial Data Systems. Emerald Park, Saskatchewan , Canada. West Chester, Pennsylvania , United States.

    Record of Agarest War. Columbus, Ohio , United States. Computer and Video Games. Bath, Somerset , England , UK.

    The Thompson Twins Adventure. Label of Future Publishing. Conspiracy Entertainment. Derby, England , UK.

    Acquired by Eidos Interactive in ; defunct in Carson, California , United States. Forbidden Forest , The President is Missing.

    Newport Beach, California , United States. Creative Computing. Hamburg , Germany. Seven Games of the Soul. Defunct in ; assets acquired by Dreamcatcher Interactive.

    Frankfurt, Germany. Robinson: The Journey. Calabasas, California , United States. North Miami Beach, Florida.

    Air Cavalry. Daedalic Entertainment. The Netherlands. Hooligans: Storm Over Europe. Chatsworth, California , United States.

    Cacoma Knight. Düsseldorf , Germany. Acquired by CUC International in Houten , The Netherlands. Chicago, Illinois , United States. Sapporo, Japan.

    Munich, Germany. Metro series Saints Row series S. Label of Koch Media. Acquired by THQ Nordic in Delphine Software International. Destination Software.

    Moorestown, New Jersey , United States. Used the label DSI Games. Acquired by GreenScreen Interactive Software in Minnesota , United States.

    Perseus and Andromeda. Camberley, Surrey , UK. Acquired by Titus Interactive in ; defunct in Aurora, Ontario , Canada. San Mateo, California , United States.

    Madrid, Spain. After the War. Disney Interactive Studios. Glendale, California , United States. Saffron Walden , UK.

    San Francisco , California , US. Chatham , Kent , England , UK. Train Simulator. DreamCatcher Games. Toronto , Ontario, Canada.

    Acquired by JoWooD Productions. Folded into Nordic Games in DreamWorks Interactive. Joint venture between DreamWorks and Microsoft. Madrid , Spain.

    Dtp entertainment. Eugene, Oregon , United States. David Wolf: Secret Agent. Acquired by Sierra in ; defunct in Chantelise - A Tale of Two Sisters.

    Nishinomiya , Japan. Agoura Hills, California , United States. The Prisoner. Langhorne, Pennsylvania , United States.

    Electric Dreams Software. Southampton, England , UK. Battlefield Medal of Honor The Sims. Electronic Arts Victor. Mutant League Football.

    Joint venture of Electronic Arts and Victor Interactive. Depth Charge. Beyond the Ice Palace. Dragon Warrior.

    Merged with Square as Square Enix. Division of Kadokawa Corporation ; its game business was merged into Kadokawa Games in Pasadena, California , United States.

    Electric Transit. Thousand Oaks, California , United States. Wilderness: A Survival Adventure. Waterford , Ireland. Various licensed games for the Commodore 64 and Amiga.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota , United States. Encore acquired Viva Media. Entertainment Software Publishing. Also known as ESP. Acquired by D3 Publisher , which continued to use it as a label until En Masse Entertainment.

    Subsidiary of Krafton Game Union ; closed in Seoul, South Korea. Eon Digital Entertainment. Potomac, Maryland , United States.

    Chappaqua, New York , United States. Dunjonquest series Crush, Crumble and Chomp! Various Olympics -themed games. Acquired by Infogrames in Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche.

    Bath, England , UK. Titanic: Adventure Out of Time. Acquired by Hasbro Interactive in Mouse Trap , Venture. Redmond, Washington , United States.

    Fairchild Semiconductor. Various Fairchild Channel F games. Initially a division of Fairchild Camera and Instrument. Acquired by Schlumberger in , then by National Semiconductor in ; regained independence in ; acquired by ON Semiconductor in Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force.

    Faster Than Light. Label of Gargoyle Games. Firebird Software. Defunct in upon MicroProse 's acquisition of Telecomsoft. Various Atari 8-bit and Colecovision games.

    Acquired by Mattel in Ravensburg , Germany. Publishing Label of Ravensburger Interactive. Acquired alongside parent by JoWooD Productions in Newcastle upon Tyne , UK.

    Elvira: The Arcade Game. Gifu , Japan. The Simpsons: Bart vs. Label of Acclaim Entertainment. Focus Home Interactive.

    Acquired by GT Interactive in The Fourth Dimension. Croc Die Hard Trilogy. Acquired by Activision Blizzard. Freeverse Software. French Bread. Sunnyvale, California.

    Various Atari and games. Subsidiary of Kadokawa Corporation.

    Spiele Publisher Publisher ist die englische Bezeichnung für Verlag oder Verleger. Während der Begriff für jede Form des Verlagswesens verwendet werden kann, wird er als Fremdwort im deutschen Sprachgebrauch im Speziellen häufig für Unternehmen gebraucht, die. Bei großen Unternehmen der Videospiel-Branche ist die Veröffentlichung von Software. Publisher nehmen die Rolle der Produzenten von Computer- und Videospielen wahr. Sie übernehmen Finanzierung, Marketing sowie den Vertrieb der Spiele. Hamburg, Frankfurt, München, Berlin: Rund 40 der 50 größten Entwickler-Studios und Publisher sind in diesen vier Games-Metropolen zu. Information about the board game publisher Feuerland Spiele. Home. Games. People. Service. Shop & Shirts. Contact. Deutsch. News. Thanks! Terra Mystica has won the "Deutsche Spielepreis ". We like to thank all supporters who bestowed that honour on us! Terra Mystica. Iceberg Games - Video Games Publisher. Helvetiq - International publisher of books and games based in Switzerland. Collections.

    Bis zu sieben Spielern gemeinsam am Spieltisch und Kahlua Likör Spiele Publisher Kampf um die Rich Casino 21 entgegen. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

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